You’re out to change the world. We just want to make sure you do it in



… and you both have something to say. Let’s figure out how best to do that.

Plait Marketing is a boutique creative agency fueled by an unshakeable passion for gorgeous words, great design & really good typography.  At our core, we’re storytellers with a soft spot for the underdog & visionary. You’re out to change the world. We just want to make sure you do it in style.

And we aim to make it as simple as possible.

Products + Services

Here are the things that we do that to help make the things you do just a bit shinier. Ready. Set. Go.

Brand Crafting

The Right Look & Words Matter

A teamwork-makes-dreamwork approach to crafting all the glorious details that makes your brand something special.

Your dream + our vision = brand magic.

Brand Magic

All Things Digital Marketing

You provide the business, we provide the behind-the-scenes marketing magic. A one-stop shop for your marketing materials and digital strategy, and implementation.  Basically, all the things.

Happy customers. Friends, really.

(But we didn’t pay them. Promise. They assure us they really mean it.)

Roxy Merket I Merket Creative

These gals have a way about words. Tey can take what you give them and twist and turn the words into exactly what you wanted to say but didn’t know how. They adds eloquence, elegance, and authenticity to their copy. Theirs is a rare talent, and one I’ve been privileged to use!

The Plait girls have a gift for design. Their eye is drawn to the natural beauty around them and they have found a way to incorporate that into their designs. Their natural abilities combined with their continued training has made them an easy choice for me to refer clients.

Terrie Lund I Sales Manager

I love their enthusiasm about marketing. They truly wants to make sure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck and that you are reaching who you need to.

Knowing that Kim + Katie are on it, I have no stress about the project being completed on time and it being fabulous. They takes the stress out of the marketing projects.

You NEED these ladies in your life to do the things that you are not great at because they are!

Dawn Stevens I Professional Realtor

Kim and Katie take your business to the next level. Their marketing is geared toward your personality, they asks favorite colors, gets some insight into your personality and makes everything they does sound as if it is coming from directly from you, even though they are the one secretly behind the scenes making everything look and sound professional.